Are You Still Sleeping On A Cotton Pillowcase?

Ok so let's chat... are you still sleeping on a cotton pillowcase? If so, let's change this ASAP. Cotton pillowcases are the main reason why your hair and skin is dry, especially during the cold Fall/Winter months. Cotton literally absorbs moisture. So while you're sleeping, it's slowing sucking all the moisture from your precious hair and skin.

So what's the solution? SATIN! Or silk, whatever your preference. Satin/silk is a softer material that helps lock in moisture instead of drying you out. This is why most hairstylist PREACH about wearing a satin/silk bonnet or scarf at night while you sleep. So make the switch ASAP, your hair and skin are depending on you! 

Where can you find a satin pillowcase? Most beauty supplies sell them now or even Amazon. Click HERE for a direct Amazon link for the satin pillowcase I use. 

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