Why I Chose A Birth Center For Baby Abakah!

I’ve gotten asked many times since our pregnancy announcement where we were going to have our baby. When I tell them a birth center, specifically Atlanta Birth Center, some are excited and others seem a bit skeptical. So I of course, had to talk about it, or, write about it.

My desire to have a midwife/birth center started about 3 years ago when one of my friends, who was pregnant at the time, told me about a documentary on Netflix called “The Business of Being Born”. The documentary highlighted how many major hospitals focus more on profit versus the care for you and your baby. I won’t go into any more details because I personally feel that everyone should watch it. Trust me, it’s so worth it! Any who, after that, I was like, “When we have a baby we’re getting a midwife, PERIOD!” And my husband was in total agreement with me.

Fast forward to July 7, 2017, the night we found out we were pregnant. When you pee on that stick and see PREGNANT, all types of questions instantly come into you brain. The number one question was, “Where are we going to have this baby!?!?!” After a few google searches concerning our options, we stumbled upon Atlanta Birth Center. A birth center “provides a holistic program with comprehensive midwifery care, a nurturing environment where you will feel supported, respected, safe and secure and personalized, family-centered care from highly qualified holistic health care providers.”

A week later my parents, husband and I were on a tour with other expecting parents checking out this year old gem in downtown Atlanta. For about 2 hours we heard stories from the founding nurse and midwives on staff about the benefits of a birth center and how much they enjoyed working there. I literally fought back tears because God truly granted my desire concerning this area of child birth. From the night of the tour to now, I can honestly say that I love Atlanta Birth Center and there is no the place I would want to bring our child into this world.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out Atlanta Birth Center’s website HERE to get more details on this amazing facility.


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