What You Need To Know: The “Proper” Way To Shampoo Your Hair.

The "proper" way to shampoo your hair.
You ever wondered why your hair feels different whenever you shampoo it vs. when your hairstylist shampoos it? Hmmmm, it may be that you’re not using the right products. I’m gonna show you a step-by-step way to properly shampoo and condition your hair.

  1. Make sure you start off with a good “cleansing” shampoo. If it says moisturizing shampoo, your just packing oil on top of dirty hair. My recommended cleansing shampoos are Paul Mitchell Awapuhi, Paul Mitchell Shampoo one, or Keracare’s 1st Lather Shampoo. Shampoo your hair twice.
  2. If you have “dry” scalp, I recommend using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo or Keracare’s Dry and Itchy shampoo as your second shampoo.
  3. After you cleanse, you can then use a moisturizing shampoo to detangle and add moister to your hair. My recommendations are Paul Mitchell The Detangler shampoo or Keracare’s Hydrating Detangling shampoo.
  4. Ok your almost done! One of the BEST moisturizing conditioners to me is Paul Mitchell’s Super-Charged Moisturizer conditioner. Put a dime size of that on your hair, let it sit a minute, then rinse. Set, dry, or however you do, and style as usual.

As you can “possibly” tell, I LOVE Paul Mitchell products! My fav to use on my clients at the salon.


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