What?? Cute Crocs For Work! [REVIEW]

Crocs Gianna Link Flat
I never thought I would own a pair of Crocs, never! They are ugly, bulky, and I always see people wearing them just so wrong! LOL! Well, that all changed a few weeks ago during a random Lenox Mall visit. We were shopping when a family friend wanted to go into the Crocs store to look for comfy work shoes. Out of curiosity, I went in and looked around. I was SO surprised y’all! Crocs actually has cute every day shoes! I was overdue for some good work shoes so I decided to try on a few pairs.

The sales rep suggested the Gianna Link Flat (pictured above). I instantly fell in love! Now I wouldn’t just wear these out, a little too soccer mom for my taste, but they are perfect for work. It’s also great for those who have wide feet and need a little toe room. The inside is super soft and gives you a little massage with each step. Most Crocs are a rubber and these are no different. I really like that because I get hair spray debris on my shoes all the time and it will be really easy to just wash off. What topped it off was the price, these flats were only $30!

Overall I am very impressed with the comfort of Crocs. My feet feel so much better and I can work all day in them. Check out Crocs.com for more cute styles!


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