Wear The Skirt – Dream Journal Challenge June 1st – 14th!

Wear The Skirt Dream Journal Challenge
Hey ladies! A friend of mine’s, Toya “TPrissy” has an amazing organization called “Wear The Skirt” that’s all about female empowerment and sisterhood. Her and her team also host amazing Wear The Skirt “parties” in homes and schools around the country! From June 1st to June 14th, Wear The Skirt will be hosting the online “Dream Journal Challenge”. I thought it would be great to share with you all this amazing challenge!

Here’s more info:

These 14 days are all about dreaming BIG & extravagantly. Each day you will write in your journal as if you are living the life of your dreams. You write in your journal in present tense, but about those things that are to come. For instance, my entry might start off like this:

“today was one the most amazing days of my life, I spoke at the GA Dome for the first time in front of 60, 000 women…”

Here are just a few ideas for entries, but feel free to write about whatever it is you dream about:

1. Family Life
2. Romantic Love
3. Moving Into Your Dream Home
4. The Perfect Day
5. Purpose
6. An Encounter with God
7. In the Service of People
8. Today I Took a Risk
9. The Most Beautiful I’ve Ever Felt
10. The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had

Write the vision and make it plan, right?! I hope that you ladies will join me and a bunch of other amazing women in this challenge! Wear The Skirt’s website will be launching in June but in the mean time you can join the Wear The Skirt group on Facebook and join the challenge HERE.


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