Vegan and Pregnant?!?! Why I’m Going Back!

Being a Vegan While Pregnant As many of you may already know, I was vegan before I got pregnant. It was a personal choice, honestly because I’m not a meat lover. I didn’t start eating meat until I was 9 and since then I’ve gone back and forth between eating meat and being a vegetarian/vegan for years. When I got pregnant I started back eating meat because honestly I was eating anything that would stay down. My first trimester was super difficult when it came to eating anything so it was what it was! Now that I’m 6 months pregnant and doing a bit better with food, I’m ready to transition back to being a vegetarian/vegan.

I could tell that some folks were so happy when I started back eating meat because they think they know everything about health and food! LOL! But what people fail to realize with me is that, GIRL, I’m good without meat! I’ve been doing this all my life. Now the thing with being a pregnant “vegan” is, I gotta start planning my meals for real! I think thats why I was pretty whatever about it earlier in my pregnancy. So this is where real meal planning and prepping comes in. And grocery shopping… uhhhhh! I love grocery shopping but since I’ve been pregnant I don’t want to see a store! I think I may try one of those delivery services like Amazon Fresh or Instacart. Have y’all ever tried those? Let me know!

I’ll be sure to share my new meal prepping journey on here too. Now I just gotta find some ideas and quick meals because I’m not trying to be in the kitchen all day. 🙂


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