Trying Something New! Makeup Forever HD Foundation

THR Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

I’ve been a MAC girl forever! A true creature of habit, not willing to change because I was ok with the same ole same ole. But recently, my beloved MAC failed me, and failed me bad. As many of you know, I have a Beauty Youtube channel (check it out and subscribe HERE if you haven’t already) and I’m on camera almost every week. Well my used to be trusty MAC foundation started looking really chalky on camera and not really covering up the way I wanted it to.

I started researching different foundations that would work better for on camera as well as every day use. I decided to check out the Makeup Forever HD Foundation because, I mean it’s Makeup Forever! And the reviews of course. LOL! Most of the reviews said that they loved the foundation but there was a few that said that the new formula wasn’t all that and it oxidized into their skin after 2 hours. Most of those negative reviews were from lighter skinned women so I couldn’t really go off of them. So I decided to just try it out myself.

THR Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

First, this foundation is like a second skin! The shade 178 matched my skin tone perfectly! It’s pretty easy to use and covers really good. I use about 3 1/2 pumps and my beauty blender to apply. The foundation lasts all day for me and doesn’t really get oily on my super oily skin. I would recommend using a primer underneath for better wear. I use Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.

In all, I would highly recommend this foundation, especially for us beautiful dark skinned women! I purchased mines online at Sephora for $43. If you use this foundation let me know how you like it below!


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