Toya Wright Rocks Her Real Hair

Yesterday, reality star Toya Wright (Toya’s Family Affair & Tiny & Toya) posted a few pics of herself on Twitter showing off her real hair. Toya, who’s been natural for 9 years, usually wears sew-in’s so it was quite a shocker to some fans. Some even tweeted in unbelief claiming that she was lying about the pics.

We believe you Toya! Black girls CAN have healthy, LONG hair!





  • Her hair looks really good–can’t wait until mine gets that long!

  • LOVE IT!!!!!

  • CBL

    Lies!! ..Toya has regular african american hair..yes she may take of it and get it done on a regular basics.. but that maine there does not belongto that horse Girrl Toya you tried it..

  • Jsscbbygrl15

    it HER HAIR ppl get over it ! HER REAL HAIR FROm HER SCALP ! geesh smh

  • This sounds so ignorant. You couldn’t even spell correctly or use proper grammar. It’s regular basis. And it is possible that it is her real hair. When a person takes care of their hair or gets it done on a regular “basics” , as you put it, it grows healthy and strong.