#THRHairTip: Pin Curls!


So you got the cute cut, you know, the one like Rihanna back in the day, cropped sides and back with long fringe (bang) but you have no idea what to do with it at night! You don’t want to apply heat to it every morning because it’s not safe but you don’t want your cut to look busted either! Well here’s what you do… Pin curl it girl! Pin curls are a quick and easy way to preserve your hair at night. Take small or large sections, depending on how loose or tight of a curl you want, and roll your hair from the ends to the root then pin it! Wrap your sides and back up with a silk scarf and you’re ready for bed. In the morning, remove the pins and finger comb or rake comb your hair to your desired style.

LIVE it, LOVE it, BE it… BEAUTY!


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