THR Summer Hair Tip: Deep Condition!

Deep Conditioned Hair

It’s already hot and summer is just a few days away. I find my hair can be at it’s driest in the summer because of the heat, the sun blazing on my head, and my blue hair color. Because of all that, I like to deep condition a lot in the summer. Sometimes if I’m not going anywhere, I’ll shampoo my hair and leave my conditioner on all day. My two favorite conditioners right now are Paul Mitchell’s Super Charged Moisturizer and Clear’s Shea Butter Conditioner. I also add a little coconut oil for added softness and shine. I would suggest deep conditioning once a week, especially if you’re going to be out in the sun a lot.

Don’t have time? Here are some ways to disguise your deep conditioning hair while out:

  1. Wear a hat. This is like the easiest way! LOL! Get some cute sun hats that will disguise your deep conditioned hair and protect your hair from the sun.
  2. Wear the curl! If you’re natural, show your curls! Or if you’re relaxed like me, fake it by scrunching your hair. 🙂
  3. Twist and seal. Two strand twist your hair and wear it up into a cute pony tail or bun.
  4. Ponytails & Buns. A cute and easy ponytail or messy bun always works as well.

Don’t put your hair on vacation this summer! Make sure and take care of it through weaves, braids, relaxed, or natural. Deep condition!


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