THR Shops: H&M Fall 2011

This past weekend my hubby and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and did a little shopping. The only store I was really interested in checking out was H&M. We recently cleaned our closet out so we are in GREAT need of new clothing! I only picked up a few things on this trip, I’m on a mission ( we put ourselves on a budget so we won’t go crazy lol) to slowly build my closet back up one week at a time! Check out what I picked up!

Because of my husband, I’ve been drawn to blue a lot. This sweater is not only cute but super comfy!


I fell in love with this sweater dress from jump! I think I first saw it on H&M’s iPhone app. I have to get a cute belt to pair it up with.


I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of these sweaters! When I saw this I HAD TO HAVE IT! LOL

I also got some basics on my recent H&M trip. I LOVE their camisoles, great quality for a great price. My fall shopping isn’t over yet at H&M though, I have my eye on a couple other things! I’ll make sure and share them with everyone!


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