TheHaiRazor’s Summer Hairstyles & Tips

Summer can be such a lovely season. Pool parties, BBQ’s, the beach, vacations, there’s so much that summer can offer us. Then there’s summer and our hair… interesting combination. It’s hot, we’re hot, we’re sweating and our poor hair is suffering! You may be fed up and think that hey, I just won’t look cute for the rest of the summer. That’s not the case though, there are many tips and tricks that can save your hair from this heat! Check out a few styles  and tips that I’ve put together that can keep you going for the rest of the summer.

The Pixie/Messy

If you have  short hair or want to go short, messy pixie cuts are fun and easy for summer. Just a little hair wax, mess it up and you’re good to go! I wear my hair like this all the time and I take about 5-10mins to style it!


The Messy High/Low Bun

It’s so funny because sometimes I wish my hair was longer to achieve this style! I LOVE the messy bun! It’s a fun a quick style that still gives  you a “pulled together” look. Just finger your hair up into a messy bun and go!

The Sleek Bun

If you’re not a fan of the messy bun, then the sleek bun is for you! All you need is gel/styling pomade, a brush, ponytail holder, and a few hair pins. Brush your hair until its nice and sleek. Place it in a ponytail then wrap the hair in a circular motion. Add a few hair pins to keep the hair in place and you’re good to go!

The Beach Waves/Braid-out

The Beach wave/braid-out style is where you cornrow or braid your hair in individual braids at night or whenever you want, then take them out and have natural waves. This style is very popular among women with natural hair. You can also achieve this style if your hair is relaxed or naturally straight.

The Sleek Ponytail

When all else fails, there’s the sleek ponytail! This super easy style just requires you to brush your hair back, high or low, into a sleek and chic ponytail!

The GREAT thing about all these styles are that they don’t require any heat! That’s right, no flat irons, curling irons, NADA!

A Few Summer Hair Tips

  1. Cover up! Hats and scarves are great ways to protect your hair from the sun’s rays.
  2. Use heat protecting sprays! Just mist a little on your hair and it can help a long way! Some great ones are CHI Iron Guard and Joico Silk Results Thermal Smoothing Spray.
  3. Hold off on too much product! You don’t want gunky oily hair, it’s not cute! 🙂
  4. Deep Condition! Try to deep condition more in these summer months. The more moisture on your hair, the better! My favorite is Paul Mitchell’s Super Charged Moisturizer.

I hope these tips help to keep you sexy and cool for the rest of the summer!


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