TheHaiRazor Winter Hair Tips!

Buuurrrr it’s cold out there! It’s that season again, Winter! The greatest season ever! (Insert sarcasm here, LOL.)  Here are a few hair tips to help you and your hair during these winter months:

  1. Keep the hot stuff to a minimum! Avoid using curling irons or blow dryers a lot. Since it’s already dry outside, you don’t want to dry your hair out even more with excessive heat use.
  2. Wrap it up! Wear scarves and hats to protect your hair from the harsh winter winds. Avoid wool or cotton scarves and hats though, those materials can dry out and pull on your hair.
  3. Watch your collars! Be mindful of those wool and cotton collars on your winter coats. The materials can pull on your hair and cause breakage and hair loss to your nape area. Try using silk, satin, or pashmina scarves to cover your collars and protect your hair.
  4. Condition it up! Treat your hair weekly with a good moisturizing conditioner to bring back the moisture to your hair. The cold weather can drain your hair, making it feel dry and brittle.
  5. Love cold water. Once you condition your hair, rinse the conditioner out with cool water to lock the moisture in and give your hair extra shine.


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