TheHaiRazor Review: Organic Root Stimulator Ultimate Bond Remover

Every once in a while I’ll add a few weave pieces to my bang to make it look longer and thicker. Last week I was re-gluing the end of a track when I put way to much on it and let it dry. I knew it would be difficult to come out when I had to shampoo my hair so I made a trip to Sally’s and picked up a bottle of Organic Root Stimulator Ultimate Bond Remover. I’ve used other bond removers before but never this one.

As you can see in the first pic, the Ultimate Bond Remover comes in a small bottle with an applicator tip. This tip helps spread the product evenly above and below the weft of the weave. I followed the directions and let the product sit for on minute. I then pulled the tracks out gently. The Bond Remover really helped because they slid right out as well as my glob of glue mishap. A big plus is that I didn’t see any of my hair in that blob! The bond remover is light, not oily, and very easy to shampoo out. So ladies, I would definitely suggest the Organic Root Stimulator Weave RX Ultimate Bond Remover for all your bond removing needs! 🙂 You can pick up this product at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $4.99.


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