TheHaiRazor Project Nail Care 2011

For the past few years I’ve been wearing an acrylic overlay on my nails. This past December I decided to soak off the acrylic and wear my natural nails. This is big for me because I always had an acrylic overlay so my nails could look presentable without me doing them myself. My hands are always in water so the acrylic was just easier, no chipping, hard thick nails, etc.

So now comes the work, lol. Yes to me natural nails take work, especially for me because I am very anal about how my hands look. Currently, my nails are in the “intensive care” stage. Meaning, I’m in the process of growing out that sensitive layer of nail that was under the acrylic. My nail tech gave me this great product called NailTek (Intensive Therapy for soft peeling nails) to build back my nail strength. I was supposed to put a layer of the NailTek on every day for 7 days BUT I was horrible with keeping up with that regimen in the beginning. I finally got on track and now my nails are feeling much harder.

Ok so with all that out of the way, I can explain to you the title of this post, “TheHaiRazor Project Nail Care 2011”. Now this isn’t a big national campaign for everyone to join, it’s a personal one. You can do your own project on your own if you’d like though! 🙂 In this “project” I will share with you my nail health journey. I’ll share any new tips, nail care products, polishes I love, etc. It’s just something fun and new I thought I’d do on the site. So make sure and check back and feel free to share with me your own nail care tips and tricks!

P.S. The polish in the pick is one of my favs by China Glaze, “Tantalize Me”!


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