TheHaiRazor Makeup Diary: Some Things I Gotta Try

As you guys already know, I’m a BIG frugalista, or as I say, FRUGALRAZOR! There are a few makeup brands that I’ve come across that I’m going to try in the next few weeks. Check them out!

First up, Hard Candy Cosmetics. I’ve heard about Hard Candy but didn’t know they had a full line in Wal-Mart until about a month ago. I didn’t pick anything up at that time because I was in a rush and I haven’t made it back to that particular Wal-Mart yet. Oh yeah, that’s the thing that sucks, I haven’t seen them in every Wal-Mart! One of clients said that they really liked some of their makeup, so I’m definitely going to try to pick some up this week.

Next thing I gotta try is Essence Cosmetics out of Europe. Krissy over at Addicted To All Things Pretty mentioned this line on her site, so I thought hmmmm gotta try them out. They look really cutesy and bright but hey, you can’t beat the cheap price. No harm in trying the line. 🙂 You can pick up Essence Cosmetics at Ulta.

Has anyone tried any of these lines? Make a comment below if you have! Also, look out for some great reviews in the next couple of weeks.


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