TheHaiRazor HairStory: Hair Color Horror Story!

Check out this color disaster story from HaiRazor Reader and my girl Kim over at!

When I was doing my first year of undergraduate school at a small country town in south GA I decided I wanted to get my hair colored because that was seemingly the IT thing to do: So my bestfriend and I went to this run down franchise hair placed that was clearly made for people with blue and green eyes (we wasn’t aware of the obvious) and I let them color my hair. 4 days later big chunks started to come out and by the 5th day I had a big hole in the middle of my head. I cried hysterically to my mother and she rushed to the school and took me back to a Atlanta salon as If I was being life flighted after a horrible car crash. The atlanta stylist cut my hair in a Halle Berry shortstyle and I loved it… It was sooooo sexy and she saved my life just as those surgeons do in the ER. So I’m wondering do they send reject hair stylist to small towns or is the hair of an African american women that drastically different from that of other races. What ever the case may be that sorry lady #failed big time

TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: Before you commit to color, make sure your stylist does a strand test and patch test. A strand test is when you take a strand of your hair and apply color to it to see if your hair will react in any odd way. A patch text is when color is applied to an area of your skin to make sure that you are not allergic to the hair color.

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