TheHaiRazor HairStory: A Lock Disaster!

Check out this HairStory from reader, Yakini!

I moved to Colorado and went to get my locks done. When I walked into the place to get my hair done, I said to myself this is a joke?!? I thought I was getting punked! LOL The shop was in the back of a restaurant. This was so funny, when the girl did my hair I saw beeswax on her table. Silly me thought she knew not to put that on my hair”. When I went to look at my hair I was fuming, I told her I know you dont expect for me to pay for this. She put beeswax in my hair. I have had my locks for 8 years they didn’t need beeswax and have never had it in my hair. I just decided to cut them off and perm it up. I missed the ATL so bad. I am in Savannah now o if I decided to go that route again I think I will be good.

Quick HaiRazor Hair Tip: Beeswax isn’t the best to use in your locks. It can be greasy, attracts dust and prevents your hair from locking. Avoid using a locking products with petroleum in them. Alternative products are pomades, clay, balms, creams, or styling glue.

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