TheHaiRazor HairStory: A Bad Haircut

I’m sure we’ve all had them, a BAD haircut. Some haircuts can be fixed and some… well you just have to deal with it. A while back when my hair was longer, I wanted bangs. So I went to the salon with a vision, BUT that vision did not come to pass when I left! My bangs ended up too short! The stylist cut my bangs too short while my hair was wet. I ended up with chinese bangs when I really wanted bangs a little below my eyebrows. All I could do after that bad cut was sweep the bangs to the side or pin them back. The worst part to me was that it felt like forever to grow my hair back!

HaiRazor Tip: Never cut your hair wet the exact length you want it. Hair often draws up when it dries, so your cut may come out shorter than expected. Get your hair cut a little longer when wet for better results.


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