TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: Use Oil Sheen To Take Out Those Tracks…

Oil sheen is the best way to take out your bonded (glued) weave. Whether its the can oil sheen or in a clear bottle, the oil helps slip those track right out. All you have to do is spray the sheen to the root area of each track and let it sit for about 5 minutes. After you let it sit, lightly pull and separate the track from the roots of your hair. If there is any residue of glue left on your roots, apply more oil sheen and lightly comb the glue out of your hair. Do not try to take your tracks or left over glue out of your hair by shampooing it. When your hair is wet it becomes more fragile. Pulling and tugging on wet hair can cause breakage and severe hair loss. So in everything, be careful ladies!


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