TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: TALK To Your Stylist About Your Hair!

You might see the title of this post and say, “Hmmmm Uhhh Duh, Ayana! That’s what you’re supposed to do!” Yeah, well, talking to your hair stylist about your hair is easier said than done. I have some clients that will tell ALL about their hair and some… wwweeeelllll… it’s like pulling teeth! Then I have other clients that “tell half truths”. You know, those clients who are kitchenticians (clients who do things to their hair at home), mess up their hair, then say “Oh wow, I don’t know how THAT happened!”
Communication with your hair stylist is key. Don’t be afraid, we’re here to help! Let your stylist know EVERYTHING, medical issues, stress, hormonal changes, etc. These types of information can be crucial to your hair health. It will also let your stylist know how to properly care for your hair. So talk, ‘fess up, spill the beans! Cheers to GREAT HAIR!


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  1. Ayana
    May 6, 2010 / 4:04 PM

    Ladies! I would love to know this, why don’t you talk to your stylist about your hair? Are you scared, don’t care, etc? Let’s discuss!

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