TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: Short Hair Curling Tip

So you just got your hair cut in a short, sexy, Halle Berry looking cut. Your stylist just did her thing, curls, flips and spikes looking right! You get home, look in the mirror, and that though comes, ” How in the world am I gonna keep this up?” You then start panicking with another thought of “What can I use to curl those short sides?!?!?”

Have no fear though, there is of course a hair tool for that. My suggestion would be to invest in a good 1/2 inch flat iron. This size flat iron is much easier to handle, especially for the untrained “stylist”. 1/2 inch flat iron can run from $10-$100. But the FrugalRazor in me knows where to get the best 1/2 inch flat irons for the best price. Discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall are great places to find flat irons for a fraction of the price. They are good for carrying popular brands like FHI, Rusk, and Babyliss.

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