TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: RELAXERS – They’re NOT Supposed To Burn!

A few weeks ago I was at the salon and one of my clients asked how do you know if your relaxer is broken down properly. Before I could answer, she blurted out, ” Well I heard when it burns, that’s when you rinse it out”. She then told me that her former stylist told her that burning is how you know. I QUICKLY corrected her

and told her that was not the case. I determine how it’s broken down by picking up strands of your hair and checking the curl pattern.

It really bothers me when stylist tell their clients the wrong information. Your relaxer is not supposed to burn! Plain and simple, no burning! If you properly base your scalp and use the right strength relaxer ( fine, normal, or super) for your hair it will not burn. Other things like not scratching or brushing your scalp on relaxer day can prevent relaxer burns. Also if you have a sensitive scalp, request a sensitive scalp relaxer that caters to your hair needs.

Ladies please don’t get caught up in this urban hair myth!

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