TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: Manage That Oily Hair!

Manage That Oily Hair!
Oily hair is a girls worst enemy. It looks pasty, flat…. just unattractive! Oily hair is really a scalp issue, over active oil glands due to high levels of hormones. Here are some tips to help you deal with the oily mass of  hair on your head:

  • Shampoo! Some people hate to hear this, but you’ll have to shampoo your hair more often in order to manage your oily scalp. Some women (mostly African American), shampoo their hair once or twice every two weeks. To manage an oily scalp, you may have to double up on shampoo times.
  • Try using shampoos with detergents. Look for detergents like ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate in your shampoo ingredients. These are great for stripping the oil from your hair.
  • Baby Powder. A few years ago I read that powder in your hair will help absorb the oil buildup between shampoos. (mostly used on Caucasian hair)
  • Avoid the brush. Brushing your hair too much can transfer the oil from your scalp to your hair quicker, resulting in an oily mess. Also avoid touching your hair a lot.
  • Eat those veggies! Try to avoid eating a lot of oily foods, maintain a healthy food intake.

Hope these tips help! Comment and let me know!


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