TheHaiRazor Hair Tip: Cherish Your Tools

On our journey to beautiful, healthy hair, we tend to focus on just our hair and not the tools we use for it. We have the nicest brushes, combs, flat irons, etc, but the brush is full of hair, the comb has teeth missing, and the flat iron has product build up all over it. You may never think about it, but you’re causing more harm to your hair by not taking care of your precious hair tools.

Here are some quick tips on how to clean and store your hair tools:

  1. Wash your combs and brushes! Ok you might say DUH to this tip but some people don’t clean their combs and brushes. It’s really gross! Once or twice a week, take a mild soap and properly clean your combs and brushes. You don’t want to use a dirty comb on clean hair!
  2. Store your brushes face down in a drawer. This way, dust or whatever else is in the air, won’t land on your bristles.
  3. Wipe off your flat irons and blow dryers. Over time, hair products can gunk up on these tools. You can use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to remove the grease build up. Oh and make sure it’s off and DON’T USE WATER!
  4. Don’t let your friends use your stuff! Real talk, you don’t know their hair regimen.

Hope these tips help! Let’s treat our hair right!


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