Ask TheHaiRazor: Color and Relaxer Hair Damage

THR reader Shan asks:

Hello! About a month ago I bleached my hair and dyed it twice. Last Wednesday I put a relaxer in it and when I went to wash it out my hair was falling out. My sides are less than a inch now and the rest of my hair feels dry and brittle and breaking off. I need to know from a professional if my hair will grow back because I’m worried it won’t.

Hi Shan! No need to worry! Yes, your hair will grow back. It feels dry and brittle because it’s been extremely over processed. Bleaching your hair twice then relaxing it can be very harmful to your hair. Some hair types can’t handle to double process of two chemicals. Those two chemicals strip and break your hair down to a very sensitive state. Allow that over processed hair to gradually grow out and cut it off. Also it’s best to relax your hair first, then color it 2 weeks after. I would advise you to allow a professional to relax and color your hair the next time. They will be able to determine if your hair is healthy enough and what type of color and relaxer to use in the process.

In the mean time I suggest you use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioning treatment to allow your hair to grow back to a healthy state. I love Joico’s K-Pak line. It really works wonders to restore your hair!

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