The Best All Natural Stretch Mark Creams

The Best Stretch Mark Creams For Your Pregnant Belly

Well… they’re more lotions or oils than creams but whatever. 🙂 If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know that I have super sensitive skin. I don’t use a lot of random products, nor do I experiment with products that have a lot of chemicals. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences where my skin has broken out so I don’t play. Any who, lets get to the creams! I have two that I’m using and they are amazing.

The Best Stretch Mark Creams For Your Pregnant Belly

First up! Coconut oil! Y’all know how I feel about coconut oil! I absolutely love it! I use all over my body but especially my belly from time to time. I usually get the Trader Joes brand coconut oil but Nature’s Way Coconut Oil and Shea Moisture Coconut Oil is good as well.

The Best Stretch Mark Creams For Your Pregnant Belly

Next.. Shea Butter! Let me tell you, this has been my best friend! My skin has gotten pretty dry from time to time while I’ve been pregnant and shea butter has worked wonders! I especially love that shea moisture helps clear up eczema and lightens blemishes. It makes my skin feel so soft and i haven’t had any issues with stretch marks (so far, I pray it doesn’t happen at all!). I usually get my shea butter from my local african or farmers market but click HERE to get the same one that I use online.

What stretch mark creams do you use? Be sure to share below in the comments!


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