Target BOGO Bag Pickup! [HAUL + PICS]


Everyone knows the deal, you go into Target for ONE thing and then you always walk out with more than you originally planned on getting. Last week that happened to me but I didn’t do too bad, LOL! I really needed a new laptop bag because the old one that I had for about 3 years started looking real ratchet.
I was set on getting the Merona Tote Handbag in Cognac (tan) that my friend just got but they were all sold out in that color. After looking around a bit my husband found the same tote in a beautiful bright orange. I fell in love instantly!



The inside of the bag is huge and it swallows my 13 inch laptop. It has a lot of room to carry the magazines, hair products, and lunch that I’ll carry in there from time to time.


Target is currently having a buy one get one 50% off sale on all their handbags so I HAD to look around for something else. 🙂 I found this super cute navy blue Merona satchel that I looked at a few months ago and forgot about. The bag was originally $39.99 but I got it on sale for $17!


I especially love this bag because like the tote, it’s huge on the inside and can carry my many random things. I’m always stuffing things in my purse y’all! The material is also very sturdy and doesn’t look cheap! Clients and friends have already asked about the bag and couldn’t believe that it was from Target.




I also picked up this universal iPad case for the iPad Air I just got. It was a quick pickup just to protect my tablet. I like it however, because it’s universal it doesn’t fit the iPad exactly and I have to take it out to take pics because there is no cut out for the camera lens. I do like the color though!

Overall I’m super excited about my recent Target purchases and have already been rocking them all!


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