New Specs by 7 For Mankind!

New Specs By 7 For Mankind
This post is LONG overdue y’all! I’ve been getting A LOT of questions about my news glasses that I got a few months ago. I was due for my yearly eye exam so I decided to get some new glasses along with my contacts. I went to America’s Best Eyewear again because I’m on the 3 year eye exam plan with them. I originally wanted a pair of classis black Ray Ban frames but I decided to so something different and go with some color. While looking around some more, I found these 7 For Mankind frames and instantly fell in love! The frames are a brown and baby blue color at the top and fades to all baby blue at the bottom. They are also bigger than my older frames so its gives my face a different look. I’m really not sure if these frames are still available at America’s Best but you can Google 7 For Mankind glasses and they may have them available online. Glad you guys like them!


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