So I Went To Target For One Thing… And Walked Out With 10! Haul!

I got a problem, a major problem that millions of women have… I’m addicted to Target! This past Saturday, I was off and I needed to get some tights to go with an outfit I was wearing that night. So, I went to Target… and got caught up, from the door! First, the 3 dollar aisle! Why Jesus, why! I spent too much time in that section! I got 3 packs of 8 ThanK You cards for $1 each, a super cute water bottle for $3 and 3 mini wall art pieces for $3 each. Then, while I was on the phone with my mom, she reminded me to pick up the Sugar Paper + Target 2017 Planner that I reviewed on my youtube channel for her. As I was about to get my tights, I made the “mistake” of going over to the shoe section! Lawd! Boots half off! I found some super cute Merona riding boots that were only $20! After all that, I finally got my tights and got out of there! LOL!

Does Target “trap” you overtime you go in to get one thing? Share your stories below!


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