Sensitive Skin Sucks!


So it’s 4:11am as I write this… :-/ I’m up because I had on of those Sunday naps that put you in a coma for the evening and then you wake up and can’t go back to sleep! Anyway, yeah so sensitive skin sucks! I try my best to watch what I put on my skin, then the smallest most unexpected thing will make it go crazy and this time it was baby wipes. I quickly picked up a random pack the other day and now I’m sitting here with itchy skin. I used those “awesome” baby wipes tonight to take my make up off and now I have to take some benadryl to ease this allergic reaction. This skin debacle is one of the main reasons why I’m super selective on what I put on my skin and even what I chose to review on my blog. So yeah, I’m about to sleep this off… good night, or good morning! 😉

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