Selita Ebanks Gets A New Haircut

Supermodel and Carol’s Daughter rep, Selita Ebanks tweeted yesterday about getting a shorter cut. She was super excited at first, but once the scissors came out and the hair was cut, she started panicking.

MsSelitaEbanks Selita Ebanks
OMG I sat down in this salon chair and had a vision! Short cropped….. and now I’m in tears!!! Im freaking out!!!

Abort abort abort!!!!! I trust my stylist Marshall but I haven’t had such short hair in such a long time! And were doing color. :-O.

With the encouragement of some of her followers, she wiped the tears away and finished up her transformation.

MsSelitaEbanks Selita Ebanks
Ok guys I’m loving!!! Crisis averted. Cut is fab! Color time! #UnaVida

Here’s the finished result!

Photo Soure1
Photo Source2
Photo Source3


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