RIP Lena Horne 1917-2010

Ms Lena Horne, actress, singer, and civil rights activist, passed at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City last night. She was 92. Ms Horne is best known as the actress who broke down racial barriers in the music and film industries. She was the first african-american to sign a long term Hollywood contract. Ms Horne’s most notable performance was in Stormy Weather, an all black movie musical. Her rendition of the title song became her signature hit. Ms Horne is survived by her daughter, journalist Gail Lumet Buckley.

It’s crazy because just last week I was watching an episode of A Different World, where the college honored her and gave a performance on the history of her life. I also remember watching her on The Cosby Show and Sesame Street as a child. Ms Horne had such poise, class, and a beautiful soothing voice. Such a true beauty, inside and out… RIP Lena Horne.


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