Quick Plant Based Lunch Idea: Trader Joe’s Mega Crunchy Salad

I will be the first to tell you that eating plant based isn’t always the easiest or the most convenient, especially when you have a busy schedule. So because of all that, I have to make sure that I am always prepared, ALWAYS! One of my favorite places to get fresh, prepackaged meals is Trader Joe’s. If you follow my Instastories on IG, you know how much I love them! LOL! My current fave is the Trader Joe’s Mega Crunchy Salad with a BITE.

Lunch with TheHaiRazor: IG Stories – Mega Crunchy Salad and Homemade Juice!

This AMAZING salad has quinoa, carrots, adzuki beans, jicama (Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip) sunflower seeds, and cranberries with a cilantro dressing. I’m not much of a dressing person so I usually just put a small amount for some added taste. It may look small but this salad is actually quite filling! On this day I decided to pair my salad with a juice that I made. I love carrots so I usually pair it with pineapple juice, apples, and ginger. When I tell ya’ll sooooooo good! I hope this gave you all some good ideas if you’re pursing a plant based lifestyle!


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