OMG We’re Already 20 Weeks Pregnant! Updates + Nursery Prep

Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Last week Friday we officially hit 20 weeks in our pregnancy, half way to the end! I honestly look at my belly everyday and say wow, I’m pregnant! Thank you Lord! Baby Girl Abakah is cooking nicely and everything looks right on track. From the ultrasound, the tech was able to tell us that she’s going to be pretty tall. She’s in the 92nd percentile! I’m not surprised though, my husband’s side of the family are all tall. 

Now that we’re half way there, it’s time to really start getting ready for baby girl. We have a few clothes and cleaned out the old office, however we need to start getting the big ticket items. You know, crib, dresser, stuff like that. I found a super cute dresser and crib set on Amazon (see below) that we’re going buy in the next week or so. 

We really like the Carter’s by DaVinci crib and dresser. The color, a soft grey, is so calm and a perfect neutral tone for baby girl’s room. Oh I guess I forgot to mention, we are going for a calm, lavender, white and grey color scheme in the nursery so this set is perfect. 

The dresser will double as a changing table, which I love because it will save on space. I really don’t like a lot of clutter and furniture so I’m pretty excited about the space saver. We will get a few more pieces to complete the look, however I really want to get these two items in her room first to see about space before we get any other big items. 

Until next time! ❤️❤️❤️


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