New Vanity/Makeup Area!

THR Vanity

Since moving into our new space, I’ve been pretty obsessed about decorating and really making our apartment super homey. I think my Pinterest obsession has fed into this a lot too! LOL! My latest project was to find a vanity/makeup table. The most popular table that everyone usually gets is the Malm dressing table by Ikea. I ALMOST got that table but I wasn’t to hyped about paying $150 for it. That’s like me paying for another desk! So I decided to just wait and then we randomly found this cute desk in Office Depot on Monday. It was literally a random find because I never go into Office Depot!

THR Vanity

The desk is by Aitra and it’s the color changing desk. It originally retails for $89 but I got it on clearance for $44 plus tax. The frame is black metal and the top is wood with a glass top. The desk comes with interchangeable sheets in chevron and solid colors to change the base of your desk under the glass. I chose to keep it black and white to match the theme of our bedroom, grey, white and black.

THR Vanity

THR Vanity
Here’s where I keep most of my makeup. I don’t have a huge collection mainly because I usually stick to the same type of “face” daily. I got this makeup organizer from TJ Maxx for $17.

THR Vanity
I LOVE Mason jars, like LOVE them! Sooooo I use them all over the house, to drink, store food, and my makeup brushes! LOL!

I’m still working on my vanity area but I love where it’s going. A new chair, some accessories and we’re good to go! I’ll give you guys an update once I’m done. 🙂


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  1. Borleigh
    October 29, 2014 / 9:59 AM

    I love this how much was it at office depot? I’ve been looking for one just like it

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