New Fall Goodies From MAC!

@TheHaiRazor Fall Lip Goodies
A few months ago I got a MAC gift card from one of my amazing clients. I’ve been meaning to use it BUTTTTT you can only use gift cards at official MAC stores, not counters. On Saturday I was finally in the area of one so I decided to have a little fun! I love MAC but I’m not their biggest fan when it comes to their makeup. I do use their foundation and I have a few lipsticks but thats it. The eyeshadows and other stuff just don’t impress me as much as lets say an Urban Decay palette in Sephora. Any who , I’ve been wanting to try a few lip products by them so I decided to stick with that. I love a dark vampy lip in the fall so I picked up the Nightmoth lip pencil and the Smoked purple lipstick. I also got the Chestnut lip liner because it’s a staple and EVERYONE’S been talking about if for years and I just never got it. I’m excited to do some cute makeup looks with these colors so be sure to check out my Instagram @TheHaiRazor and I may even do a look or two on my YouTube channel!


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