My Hair: Relaxer Update – “Mizani Medium/Normal Rhelaxer”

Mizani Medium/Normal RhelaxerI’ve had quite an interesting journey these past few months with relaxers. My staple, Affirm, stopped breaking down my hair and had me looking a hot wavy mess!LOL! I’m still rocking my “undercut” hairstyle so it’s important that my sides and back are on point. I figured it was time to try something new so I went with Mizani’s Medium/Normal Rhelaxer. I’ve used Mizani before but it was too strong for my hair in the past so I was a little leary about going back. BUT, I did anyway and I must say that I’m loving the results. My hair has been straight and super soft. I went with the Medium/Normal Rhelaxer because fine doesn’t do ANYTHING and resistant is a bit much. I also love that Mizani’s relaxers moisturize while straightening your hair.

A lot of women go through the same thing I did with their hair products and have to switch it up at times. With this, it’s important that you do your research with trying a new product and even see about asking a professional.


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