Monica Teams Up With Orly To Launch Nail Polish Line

R&B singer, Monica, recently closed a deal with the Orly nail line to release a line of her own. The nail polishes are will be called “Nail Inspirations”. The line is said to be released July 2011.

Each nail bottle will have an inspirational quote to remind women to just stay encouraged, stay focused, enjoy life and know that hard times will come in many different fashions like relationships, work, whatever it is. I always try to motivate the next person to just stay encouraged and to continue to push and strive to have the best life you can. So in something as simple as nail polish you throw in a message like that maybe it will brighten someones day, so that the next thing thats coming.

Congrats to Monica on this new venture! I’m really excited to see how her Orly nail line will turn out.

Source NecoleBitchie


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