Minx and OPI Team Up!

You will soon be able to do Minx (well sort of) at home! Minx and OPI have teamed up with Sephora to distribute OPI Chic Prints for Nail Design Appliqués. Now, of course there’s a catch to this “at home Minx” application. Peep what the founders of Minx had to say…

The OPI Chic Prints will be marketed as nail fashion that lasts one to two days, and they are applied using only hand-generated friction. Initially, eight designs will be introduced, with additional designs for holidays. None of the designs will be the same as the professional designs that we offer at the MinxNails.com online store.

The OPI Chic Prints are not in any way an alternative to the original Minx nails, which must be applied by a nail professional, and which last 4 to 8 days on the fingers, and up to 4 weeks on toes…

What are your thoughts on this collaboration? Let us know! Also check back for more on this and other new news in the beauty world! 🙂

Sources: Nailtourage, BeautySchooled!


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