Maybelline FIT Me Update… FIT Me NOT!!!

It’s been a few months now since I’ve been using the Maybelline FIT ME brand. I decided to go through the whole summer wearing FIT Me because it was light and I just wasn’t in much of a make-up buying mood. So last week I finally ran out of my FIT Me pressed powder. I was like “Ok cool, I’ll just go pick up some more, hey it’s light and cheap!” So I hopped on over to my local Target after work and picked up the powder, which was on sale.

The next morning, while putting on my make-up I noticed that the powder I bought (355), looked a little lighter in the package. I just shrugged it off and put it on anyway. BUT then it looked lighter on my face as well. I shrugged it off again and decided to let it “set” in my skin. When I got to work I looked in the mirror and I felt like my face looked ashy! BIG NO NO! I thought it was just me so I put it on a second day and asked my husband what he thought. He agreed and said it made my face look lighter and ashy as well. I was soooooo done by then! We made it a point to visit MAC that same day and pick up my best friend… NW45 Studio Fix powder. 🙂

So in the end, I will no longer be purchasing the FIT Me pressed powder. I still have the other products and they work fine. I’m thinking Maybelline probably changed the formula or something! I’m still wearing the same MAC foundation so I highly doubt my complexion has changed much during the summer. Oh well FIT Me…. it was fun while it lasted…peace out!


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