In The Life Of THR: Yeah I’m LATE But I’m Now HOOKED On Scandal!

I’m not a tv series watcher, never was and I claimed I never would be. It’s too much to me, to much to HAVE to watch a show every week just to keep up. I like to watch shows that you can just drop into at any time and catch on. That’s the main reason why I completely ignored Scandal when it premiered earlier this year. Then season 2 premieres and it’s ALL my clients talk about, LOL! A good friend of mines, who like me, it not a series watcher, got hooked as well. So with her persuasion, I caught the 1st season of Scandal on Netflix and was instantly hooked! I watched the whole 1st season and the new episodes of the 2nd season on my two days off last week! 🙂 Olivia Pope is now on my weekly must watch list!

Any Scandal watchers out there? Are you hooked like me? Do Tell!


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