Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready To Wear Gel Nail Kit [REVIEW]


This past weekend I got curious and decided to try some press on nails. I was supposed to go to the salon and get my nails done but I was so tired from work that I just crashed. When I finally got up and made a random trip to Wal-Mart, I picked up the KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-To-Wear Gel Nail Kit (retail around $6). For my first time, I chose a neutral look with silver and gold glitter tips. Press on nails are nothing new but KISS has revamped and released some really cute designs for at home nail care.

The kit comes with 24 pre-polished nails, 24 mega-adhesive tabs, nail glue, small nail file and a small orange wood stick. The directions are super easy to follow and the application probably too me 20 minutes to do.


I first buffed and filed my natural nail and then picked out the nails that fit closet to my super small nail beds. I really liked that the kit had nails that actually fit my hands. I chose to use the glue instead of the adhesive tabs because my hands are always in water and I didn’t want to have to worry about them popping off.


After I applied the nails, I filed the sides and top of the them to fit better to my hands. This made it look more natural.


The nails are said to last a week and they’ve been doing pretty good. I did have 2 to pop off but I think that’s because I can be a little rough on my hands. I just glued them back on and kept it moving! LOL! Folks even thought I got them professionally done. I had two ladies stop me to see the design so that they could ask their nail tech for it at their next salon visit. I really liked how quick and convenient it was to get a salon nail look without having to wait on dry time. I will most definitely be purchasing these again!


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