Inglot Cosmetics Website is Up!

So every beauty blogger is talking about this cosmetics brand, and I WANT IN! LOL I’ve heard about Inglot Cosmetics for some time now, BUT there was no way I could get to them. They are a European brand so most of their stores are over seas and now they have one location in the US, New York. Inglot is said the be a great quality brand for a budget friendly price. For the longest Inglot’s site was under construction, but now they are finally up! The only downfall is that you can’t order from the site yet. BOOOOOOO! Inglot, why are you playing with my emotions. 🙁 Hopefully soon we’ll be able to order online and I can finally try out this product.

Oh yeah! Check out Brittany of Clumps of Mascara’s great article on Inglot’s New York store HERE!


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