In The Life Of TheHaiRazor: The Beauty Detox Solution

My husband and I have been talking about losing weight for some time now. We would start working out and eating “right”, then quickly fall off. We would go back and forth eating the good, the bad, and the really really ugly ( gross fast food! lol). I had my breaking point when I saw my parents go on a diet, lost about 70lbs together and kept it off. They were huge inspiration! I was also like ughhhhh we can’t let my parents out shine us, LOL! Plus we started getting the “newly wed weight” comments and I couldn’t stand those!

For about a month my husband and I have been on our “diet”. We mainly took starches and sugars out of our diet and have been seeing great results! My biggest concern however, was that once we end our “diet”, we never go back to the way we were. I randomly one day decided to go on celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s website to poke around a bit. I’ve known about her site for quite some time and a friend of ours loves her book, but I was always like ah whatever. I now made a decision to see food differently, so now Kim’s site was really speaking life to me!

I bought The Beauty Detox Solution book by Kimberly Snyder on this past Saturday evening. Man I tell you, that book has been by my side all week! The book really breaks down a lot of questions that I had like, “why organic”, “what’s making me bloated”, “how can I get my skin more clear”, etc. I’ve learned so much so far like, proper food pairing, eating from light to heavy, and the oh so popular Glowing Green Smoothie! I made it this morning and it was good! This book has been a true life (health) changer!

If you’re looking for a change in the way you eat and live, I HIGHLY encourage you to pick up Kim’s book. Oh and check out her SITE first if you’re a little skeptical. She shares so much knowledge on there as well!


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