I’m About To Wig Out!!!

For a few months now I’ve been contemplating getting a wig. I want a nice human hair wig but NOT lace front. ( I detest those things! LOL) I’ve been to the beauty supply store many times looking over my options of what type of wig I would like to get. I LOVE my short hair, but I sometimes have an itch for the longer look without growing my hair out or getting a sew in. So I think I’ve finally made my decision! I’m really feeling Kelly Rowland’s hair in the pic above and I’ve seen a wig just like it. My mom and I are going to the beauty supply soon to try wigs out, so I will make my final decision then. I will of course take pics and share my experience with you gals!

Do I have any wigs expert out there that can share some tips with me? Please feel free to drop a line below!

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  1. Ayana G
    November 8, 2012 / 8:36 AM

    Smell it before you buy it to make sire it doesnt smell musty or moldy. Sometimes wigs are bagged damp or are already old before they get to us.

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