I Got Hacked!


A few months ago I got hacked and then hacked again on this site. Devastating! When I contacted my web hosting company they said they could fix it for me, with a price of course! At the time I as being super cheap and didn’t want to pay for it. So I took my site offline and let it sit, and sit, and sit. See in my head I was like, ” I can fix it for myself!” Ha! yeah right! My busy schedule and procrastination got the best of me and I never fixed it. Which I felt was a blessing/reality check because I started missing my site and blogging. For the past few months I’ve only been blogging here and there because I was “too busy”. Part of that is true but then the other part is because I kind of lost my mojo. I just didn’t know what to write about anymore, and I think its because I was looking at others instead of being true to me.

TheHaiRazor.com started off as just hair tips, styles and beauty, but over the years it evolved into so much more. TheHaiRazor is me, I am TheHaiRazor. So in that, TheHaiRazor has evolved into a lifestyle, “my” lifestyle. So from here on out, I’m just going to have fun on here! Share me, Ayana, “TheHaiRazor”!


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