I Actually Joined A Real Gym!

I don’t like gyms! Especially gyms where I pay a fee then have to pay a trainer or just figure out the workouts myself. Been there, done that, and now that I’m older I needed something different. For a few weeks now, I’ve been looking at different training gyms, groups trainings, and personal trainers to see what could work with our schedule, what’s affordable and honestly what we would like. I’ve been interested in kickboxing and boxing for a while now but just never took the step to check it out. X3 Sports, a group training, boxing, and kickboxing gym is literally a few minutes away from my house, so Sylvester and I decided to check them out. They offer a one time free class so it was perfect to see how the class works and get a tour of the facility. Well, after that first class, we loved it so much we decided to join that day!

X3 offers A LOT of classes weekly but we decided to take 6:30am classes to get it out of the way! LOL! So for the next few months we will be taking kickboxing 3 days a week and fast track (a circuit/bootcamp style class) 2 days a week. We took a few before photos when we started so I’m excited to see what the “after” photos will look like in about 30 days or so! Check back soon for more!


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