[HAUL] My 1st BH Cosmetics Order!

TheHaiRazor: BH Cosmetics

I’ve known about BH Cosmetics for quite a while. Friends, family, bloggers, EVERYONE, raves about them all the time! 🙂 After going through their site over and over trying to find the “right” palette that I wanted to try, I got an email with a deal I liked.

TheHaiRazor: BH Cosmetics
The offer included everything that I needed right now, their 60 color “Day & Night” eyeshadow palette, the new duo blush palette, and kabuki brush; all for $18.
BH Cosmetics Day & Night PaletteThe “Day & Night” palette offers 30 “daytime” colors and 30 “nighttime” colors to give you just what you need to create beautiful looks. The colors are highly pigmented but still require a base/primer for a little boost.

BH Cosmetics Duo Blush PaletteI was super excited to get this new duo blush palette because I just really got into blushes and I needed a few colors badly! This is a great starter palette with 6 colors to work with!

BH Cosmetics Kabuki BrushNow when I ordered this deal, I was pretty excited to get a new kabuki brush! When it got to my house, I was like HUH? LOL! I mean its cool but really small! I guess I was thinking it would be a standard kabuki brush size but ahh whatever, it will work for something!

So yeah, for $18 this was a really good deal! With $7 shipping, my total came up to $25. My order took about a day to process and two days to ship. My order came really quick and was packed with extra care. I really liked the things I got from BH Cosmetics and will definitely order again soon!


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