Haircolor Without The Commitment Haircolor Without The Commitment
Haircolor does not have to be permenant. It doesn’t even have to require any chemicals. You can always weave it up! LOL Ok what I mean by that is you can achieve color without the commitment by simply adding hair pieces. I have a demi-permanent black color (Find out more on different types of haircolor.) in my hair, but sometimes I want a pop of color to switch it up a bit. I really like to use blue hair pieces against my black hair. Most recently I’ve added burgundy pieces. Now you don’t have to use extreme colors like me, you can stick with the blonds, reds, and browns to achieve a pop of color with hair pieces. I would highly recommend using human hair pieces so you can use them with your normal styling routine. You can add in the hair pieces by bonding (hair glue), clipping them in, or even sewing them in. If you’ve never worked with hair pieces before, I would highly recommend you going to a professional hair stylist. Have fun, and remember if you don’t like the hair pieces, you can always remove them.
Haircolor Without The Commitment

  • Great post and so true! Extensions are my favorite way to change it up and protect my hair from all my different hair “moods” 🙂

  • Ayana

    Thanks! I love extensions! Purple may be my next color… 🙂

  • I never would have thought of just adding in coloured pieces, great idea!

  • Ayana

    Thanks so much!

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